Voice of Reason

“Stuart Kramer faces a daunting challenge. How does he negotiate a settlement between an intransigent Titan and angry people fighting to protect the health of their families? And can Stuart Kramer do it before the anger spills over into violence?”

If you have noticed; in every group, affiliation or organization, or union, there’s a particular head who gets to lead it. Even animals need a leader, say for example a pack of wolves. I believe things are easier with having a person as a point of contact. In this Bob Gallant’s sequel: Jericho’s Trumpet, Stuart Kramer happens to be the voice of everyone impacted of this environmental crisis. He is the executive director of GALE and he represents the many who are fighting against the possible harmful effects of the expansion of Titan Petroleum in Louisiana. Not to mention that their target are Oil Companies and they have won a lot of negotiations. However, this time, their his fight isn’t just a simple one. Their group which is the Global Alliance of Environmentalists was unknowingly used as an instrument to create an even bigger destruction, which may cost more lives than they have imagined. This is how Jericho’s Trumpet begins…

Chesney Barrett and Travis Weld, together with Travis’ former recruit, Cassidy are now working together to locate the smuggled nuclear bomb from Russia. This news broke after Travis killed the officer who was behind the smuggling and he noticed that one of the bombs is missing. A lot of questions cloud his head. Was it Titan who transacted with the officer so they could stop the activists hindering their planned expansion? Or was it someone from GALE so they won’t have to further negotiate with Titan’s bigwigs and win this battle? Will this be another bloody battle or will this only be a peaceful one? Will Chesney seduce these men to advance in their mission or will she hide behind a guise of another person to make her way into this squabble? Nevertheless, you can only anticipate and hope that this ends in a positive note now that a nuclear bomb is involved.

Being a representative of your organization isn’t an easy-peasy type of work. You need to ensure that everything ends well in accordance to your plan. How do you think will Chesney represent Travis’ organization in this battle they’re set to face? What tactics she’ll use and will her charm still work?

“I spent the day almost dying; first fighting Forsyth; then expecting to be swept over the dam; and then defusing the bomb. You thrive on the verge of extinction. I don’t.”

Given the quoted line above, is this the positive note that we all are anticipating? Or is this the end of a what-could-have-been love story waiting to be told? These will all be answered when you start flipping the pages of Jericho’s Trumpet.

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