The Wonders of Science & Technology

We are already in the generation where technology can do if not all, most for us. Not to mention shopping online and getting those delivered at our doorstep, paying using our mobile devices, meeting old and new friends with the use of different applications and the like. Did it occur to you that many years from now, humans may become extinct because of technology? There may be other reasons, too which I could name a few: (1) terrorism (2) widespread of incurable illnesses and lastly (3) the rebirth of viruses we knew were long gone but are now back to eat all of us. These viruses may have been caused by climate change or may have been triggered by virologists for their personal interests.

The third thriller to Bob Gallant’s action-packed series exposes us to the world of virology. Fasten your seat belt, make sure you have supply of oxygen for he will take you to a whole new level of understanding how the human minds work with his knowledge about the wonders of Science through Armageddon Virus. It is quite fascinating that he was able to relate how science when mixed with advancement of technology could lead to global terrorism, one that does not only create tension against the government but may wreak havoc if not stopped. Bob is the kind of author who does not hesitate to bring intense, suspenseful actions to his novels. He is not the kind who holds back.

From conquering bacteria in sweltering bayous to seducing big guys with big guns to being responsible for the safety and security of the people, Chesney has successfully overcome all those. You cannot help but think how did she do all those from being a graduate student to becoming an effective “agent” real quick? Chesney may not posses the super powers of a Wonder Woman, but she maximizes her intelligence, physical assets, and ability to convey the essence of a dedicated, hardworking, beautiful young woman. Somehow, she can convert seemingly meaningless situations into critical clues that help identify her target; totally confuse a threatening adversary; or convince the suspected criminal that she could really be an asset to his organization. Wherever Travis takes her, somehow she manages to survive the situation, sometimes bruised, but still in one piece. When necessary, her long legs are two-edged sword. So fast and powerful, they are a deadly weapon in a fight. So seductive, she could probably seduce the Pope and certainly make her adversary hesitant to kill her. In Weld’s world, he who hesitates dies first.

Is there anything else Chesney cannot solve? We will find that out in this Bob’s third installment to his series. Travis and Chesney’s partnership is taken to an even bigger responsibility, which is a race through time. In this, they have found out that an unknown person is trying to complete a sale of deadly virus, a virus if not stopped could lead to another genocide. First of all, they need to find the unidentifiable seller to stop the transaction. But to be able to do that, Chesney once again showcases her effective spy abilities. She hides behind the guise of a journalist and travels to Delphia Virotech to commence with the said mission. She is not only doing this for the benefit of everyone, but also to seek answers as to who murdered her best friend.

How do you think will this end up? What did Travis do in this journey? If this happens in real life, how do you think will the government tackle this threat to human race? How will you elude this danger?

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