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The Wonders of Science & Technology We are already in the generation where technology can do if not all, most for us. Not to mention shopping online and getting those delivered at our doorstep, paying using our mobile devices, meeting old and new friends with the use of different applications ...
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SLAYING GIANTS: THE NEXT CHERNOBYL With the birth of tall buildings and the rise of various factories or industries, it is undeniable that these did not only cause more pollution to human beings but these also destroyed our ecosystem. They say that there’s an equal or opposite reaction to every ...
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A TWIST OF FATE: THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING How willing are you to accept change? Are you the type of person who embraces it without any hesitation or are you the kind who is willing to accept it, however with reservation? In Bob Gallant’s debut thriller, the first in his ...
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The Vatican: In a Dangerous Predicament

The Vatican has long made controversies since time immemorial. From scandals involving priests and church leaders to invalidations and validations of truths and lies, the Vatican has never been spared of attention, whether the same be good or bad.

But, has it ever been robbed? Has there ever been a heist big enough to rattle the curtains of the High Priests in the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church? History answers in the negative, but Robert Gallant dares to say that this is an affirmative possibility. In his novel, Rob the Vatican, Gallant frightens and thrills his readers and engages them in a web of entanglements breaking boundaries of the usual political drama through the adventure (and misadventure?) of Craig Reynolds.

What happens to the pillar of the Roman Catholic faith when the same is shaken by a heist ready to redefine history? What happens then to the home of the world’s greatest collection of treasure? What happens to the faithful when their religious home is shoved into a dark alley of controversy?

More importantly, what happens to the man who gets to put the world’s most protected sanctuary in a dangerous predicament history will never forget?

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