Do you agree with this particular line Bob, the author shared; “Sometimes, what we can do create a much more dangerous problem than we expected.”? More often than not, we tend to act onto something thinking that it may do us good, and not thinking it’s corresponding consequence. Some days, the good outweighs the bad. And some days, it’s the other way around.

It was through Bob’s perseverance and hard work that he created this fourth installment to his adventure-filled, action-packed series called God’s Domain. His curiosity has led him into developing a scenario which would not only let his readers anticipate for action, but would also take them into a different kind of era where one learns about his ancestors and how they practiced their faith.

In Bob’s first three books, he introduced to his readers the magnificent tandem, Travis and Chesney. There is nothing this team up cannot resolve from chasing drug manufacturers and dealers (Satan’s Stronghold) to hunting down the smuggler of nuclear bomb (Jericho’s Trumpet) to stopping the spread of a deadly virus (Armageddon Virus). Travis’ aggressive personality was balanced by Chesney’s composed, strategic and clever mentality.

This next journey of Travis and Chesney continues as they battle the Yucatan guerrillas who hold the brilliant archeologist, David Phillips. Sure you can say it was a simple kidnap for ransom where you can just pay the price in exchange for their freedom, but it wasn’t. The two main characters exhibited their skills as they escape the place with David and the other archaeologist who was also held captive by these terrorists.

As they have successfully conquered that stage, they embark to seek God’s Domain. David known to be a brilliant individual enlists Travis and Chesney’s assistance on this journey. God’s Domain is known to be the site of the god of all gods, the sacred site of the legendary god, Viracocha. But before you get to where you are aiming, it’s true that things will get worse before they get better. All throughout the conquest, Bob shares to his readers very important lessons that we fail to acknowledge in our day to day lives. He shares to us the values of patience, perseverance and trust.

From deciphering hieroglyphs to decoding maps to conquering maximum security and making alliances with dangerous people, it takes so much effort to locate the sacred site and witness something spectacular. It is quite difficult to remain mum with so much knowledge in your head, but it is Chesney’s job to perpetually remind David about sharing so much details about God’s Domain. It was somehow a test of character, to how far one could go to reach that particular goal not just in the story but also in real life.

How willing are you to invest so much effort and time to know your historical background? Find out what happens to their quest in Bob’s God’s Domain.

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