The Pursuit of Dreams

Here’s a short background about Robert Gallant otherwise known as Bob. During his teenage years, as he was VERY proficient in Math and Science; this led him to decide to take the Chemical Engineering path. This journey took OVER 40 years of his life, dedicated in continuous learning to improve technology so as to cope with the challenges and needs of this rapidly changing world. However, this career did not in any way, hinder his love for writing. They say you cannot serve two masters at the same time, but I say, it was possible. Bob was able to hit two birds with one stone - continued his career and at the same time, pursued his passion. Over time, he wrote 50 articles and these were all published in scientific journals. And aside from those articles, he had successfully authored 4 books wherein 3 of which FOCUSED ON technology and a single book on how to become a better manager. Interesting, isn’t it? Did it not occur to you to wonder how much time he has in a day to have accomplished those altogether?

Although he has successfully published all of those (as mentioned above), his love for writing does not just stop there. His dream in creating fiction novels was not yet materialized, as he  realized that this WOULD TAKE TO MUCH TIME AWAY FROM HIS FAMILY. Aside from being an engineer and a writer, he was a husband and a father to his three sons. Thus, he had to wait until his retirement to pursue this dream OF WRITING FICTION, and PREPARE  himself for this  ADDITIONAL challenge.

And so he did. As they say, timing is everything. You just need to find the right time to turn that dream into a reality. Bob, a retired engineer is now a successful author with already 5 fictional novels published. He was featured in Wall Street Journal AT AGE 81 for his “meaningful aging” advocacy. EXERCISE EVERY DAY, NEVER STOP LEARNING, AND HELP THOSE AROUND HIM. His 5 novels are products of his imagination accompanied with his knowledge in environmental AREAS, his FASCINATION FOR cultural history, and EXTENSIVE travels. Characters were also created with the help of his late wife’s advice. Among these 5 novels, are 4 novels linked altogether which forms a four-part-suspense thriller. In these books, Bob engages his readers in knowing themselves, most especially identifying what their strengths and weaknesses are. USING HIS YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, he takes  HIS READERS INTO A realistic world EVEN THOUGH  they call it fiction.

To be able to pursue your dreams is one thing, but to be recognized for creating an extraordinary product of your dreams is another. In this four-part-thriller series, one of which has recently received the Hollywood Book Reviews Excellent Merit award. Also, this book DOES NOT yet have a movie adaptation, THAT IS ONE OF HIS GOALS. I hope you have had the chance to read all his creations. But if you haven’t yet, it’s not yet too late to start grabbing those and start immersing yourself in those situations where you would probably hold your breath as you flip from page to page. By the end of it all, I bet you would think you are no longer the same person as when you first read those.

Robert Gallant

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