The Meeting

(The Beginning of Everything)

Louisiana’s mystery all began with a brutal murder of a game warden and an undercover agent. The news shook everyone and sends the Drug Enforcement Agency (otherwise known as DEA) into a blaze. They are in a mission to locate the alleged drug manufacturing company in the swamps of Louisiana and to stop the illegal operations before another life’s at stake.

This, my friends, is the beginning of Satan’s Stronghold. Robert “Bob” Gallant shares to his target readers his talent and passion in writing, which is evident in this first installment to his action-packed series.

As the DEA kicks off their first mission, they enlist Travis Weld, leader of a secretive government team, to lead the undercover movement. Travis Weld’s quick thinking takes him knocking on Chesney Barrett’s front door; asking for her help to solve this mystery once and for all. A quick background about Chesney: she is a former swimmer who was an Olympic qualifier, an Environmental Research graduate student and nevertheless, an orphan whose mother got killed in an instant in an accident wherein the party involved was a fleeing drug dealer. Chesney’s knowledge about the swamp’s environment is a valuable factor to the success of this mission. The meeting of these two important characters signifies the beginning of everything.

I believe you also wondered whether Chesney heeded the call — and to pop that bubble thought, yes, she did. Motivated by her Mother’s death but mostly, fueled by the idea to stop the killings and to eradicate the evil doings in Louisiana; she takes on the challenge and hides behind the guise of an Environmental Protection Agent. Through this wise move, she was able to get into the Atchafalaya Basin and met the unconcerned Jacques Dupree, the owner of a vast plantation that is likely the site of the illegal drug factory somewhere in the most isolated swamp sections of the plantation. Aware of the game plan where “Deception is the norm. Sex is a weapon”, she has successfully used these as an advantage which granted her entry to the restricted parts of his basin. Mr. Dupree saw his deceased wife in Chesney, which explains why he got so confident on her. In this game of seduction, who do you think will win? Who do you think will give in first?

Of course, aware of the danger she got herself into, Chesney takes precautions every now and then. Can she fully entrust her safety to Travis and his folks?  Not likely. So she must outsmart and defend herself from the suspicious drug dealers guarding their drug operation by utilizing her swimming skills, swamp savvy, sexual appeal, and ability to talk her way out of confrontations.  Weld says, “he who hesitates dies first”.  She must never hesitate

If you love these kinds of adventure, then I bet you will 100% enjoy Bob’s Satan’s Stronghold. This is one of the few novels which show you the other side of the quo, where a woman takes on the lead to, if not all, then most of the actions. Chesney serves as an inspiration to all the women as she embodies a strong, independent and confidently beautiful character.

Will Chesney and Travis’ meeting lead to a big bang of success or will it be the other way ‘round?

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