The Final Countdown

Time heals everything, they say. But how could you possibly forget of the things that hurt you; if these things or events keep on repeating? Undeniably, you could only wish. Wish that it did not happen or wish that it was all but a dream. Or lastly, you could only wish it were you lying on that coffin and not your loved one. But what if there are things you could do to help; so other people will not experience what you have been through, are you willing to do it? Will you lend a hand to these in need or will you sulk in loneliness and let it all eat you inside, instead?

Losing important people in your life is one thing, but to lose your family to evil doers is another. To see your loved one succumb to death right before you is the most painful thing one could ever experience. Chesney Barrett, an Environmental Research graduate student and Travis Weld, a leader of an undercover government-run agency shared the same sentiment(s) or experience. They together, connived for a common goal which is to stop evil doers from causing more harm to not only to the environment but also to the society.

Successful with their first two missions which were (1) locating the illegally run drug manufacturing company (Satan’s Stronghold) and (2) locating the smuggled nuclear bomb and stopping the culprits from using this (Jericho’s Trumpet) — the Chesney and Travis partnership is taken to the next level. Bob takes us to another adventure together with this tandem as we unfold the third mystery: The Armageddon Virus.

If you have noticed and have been following the author, Robert Gallant; you would have observed that all his novels/books teach us of the different weaponries which may be used for genocide. If such things happen, are you ready for it? What will you do? This may be a work of fiction but it is also a good eye-opener. Now ask yourself, what do you think will people use aside from nuclear bombs and illegal drugs just to stupidly complete their mission of mass destruction?

The brilliant mind, Bob introduces us to the usage of deadly virus in the third installment to his action and suspense series— and it is called “The Armageddon Virus”. In this novel, Travis and Chesney’s strength and quick thinking are once again put into test as they try to decode the circulating unknown message about the sale of a deadly virus to an illegal weapon dealer. Alarmed with what could happen if this purchase pushes through, Chesney and this certain virologist race through time. Chesney to stop the apocalypse from happening, while this virologist to create the massive destruction. What could possibly be the reason behind this genocide?

This will not be an easy mission unlike the first two. This will require a lot of patience as they will be dealing with bigwigs and even cruel minds. Will they still be bad news for these criminals? Will they eradicate these leeches altogether or will they be overpowered?

This is even more exciting and oddly satisfying from one page to the next. Is it the start of Armageddon?

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