The Alliance for a Cause

As you may know, Chesney Barrett, the graduate student DOING environmental studies IN THE LOUISIANA ATCHAFALAYA BASIN SWAMP previously placed her own life in danger after accepting Travis Weld’s (leader of a secret government agency) for help. She took the role as an undercover agent with which the success of that mission was BECAUSE OF HER MENTAL SAAVY AND PHYSICAL CAPABILITIES, She wholly was a huge instrument to locate the den used by drug manufacturers to operate the illegal industry.

Where deception was the norm, Chesney learned to play by the rules that go with it. She has learned Travis Weld’s way of life in combat; she acquired the skills all throughout the whole experience. Taking Chesney for the said role was not bad after all, not at all bad for a first timer either. She was more like a professional in that field. Needless to say, it was a great leap of faith for a woman to take such heavy role where you don’t care at all even if dying is the greatest consequence.

However, this leaves the readers thinking whether Chesney’s role would end there. So to say, it didn’t end there. Because of her explicit characteristics, Travis once again turned to Chesney for help in Robert Gallant’s second installment of suspense-filled novel – Jericho’s Trumpet. It only keeps getting MORE intense. The espionage has elevated to a whole different level. Has Chesney accepted the role, once again? Yes – she has. This time, they are in a mission to locate the smuggled NUCLEAR bomb brought to the United States by a Russian agent. In BOB’S Jericho’s Trumpet, Chesney showcases her deceptive skills in a science fair where she shows up as a judge. This way, she would be able to connect to the Russian agent’s granddaughter, who she thinks holds the clues to what they are looking for. Maria Zarnov keeps repeating a statement during her presentation. IT SOUNDED LIKE A MADE FOR TV HEADLINE COMMENT. THIS caught Chesney’s attention and led her to a new discovery. This helped her track potential buyers and introduced her to a big name IN a well-known group – Stuart Kramer, executive director of GALE otherwise known as Global Alliance of Environmentalists. As this alliance mostly has a feud with oil companies, being their number one target, Chesney works her way to getting acquainted and establishing a relationship with Kramer. Is Stuart Kramer or this alliance CONNECTED TO THE MISSING NUCLEAR BOMB?

Barrett who is really skilled in handling people gets along very well with Kramer, and she successfully documented a few key notes Stuart had shared about Titan Petroleum in Texas. Over time, Chesney noticed that the alliance enlisted one new joiner to their protest; and this is where she met Brian Forsyth who she thinks owns the bomb.

Her deception has led her questioning herself whether or not to inform Stuart of her observations about Brian. This is when confrontation with Titan escalates. Will Brian, the eco-terrorist succeed in his ploy to use the nuclear bomb? The impatient Travis together with his partner, Cassidy showed up showcasing their talents in combating terrorists, however, their aggressive ways have put their lives at stake. Will this end Chesney’s adrenaline rush?

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