With the birth of tall buildings and the rise of various factories or industries, it is undeniable that these did not only cause more pollution to human beings but these also destroyed our ecosystem. They say that there’s an equal or opposite reaction to every action; and with those developments come the pros and cons. Some are fine with it, while others are fighting against it. This holds true until today, if you have paid more attention to daily news.

But with Bob’s sequel to Satan’s Stronghold where Chesney and Travis teamed up to locate the illegal drug operations hidden beneath the Louisiana swamps now come an even more complex mission. In Jericho’s Trumpet, this will not only take your breath away from page to page, this will also excite you with every tension that may come up between the two prominent characters. Travis known to be the aggressive one and Chesney known to be the reserved yet strong one, will they be able to conquer another journey together as partners?

These all started when Travis, a clandestine leader of an undercover government group successfully extinguished an ex-KGB officer who led the illegal sale of nuclear bombs. It was only a matter of time when they realized that one of the two nuclear bombs went missing. Thus, a successful transaction took place before they knew it. Before it becomes too late and a next Chernobyl forms part, they need to work their asses off. If you are wondering for how long will Chesney be involved in Travis’ world, that’s for you to know. It is one of the most interesting parts of every Bob’s story. How did Chesney become that brave warrior herself when we knew her to be the gentle one sulking in her own solitude?

Now showcasing what she has learned from their quick training with Travis, Chesney poses as a judge in a Science fair to collate data which may aid them in their investigation about the missing bomb. This move, perhaps a success, helped them to be oriented with different personalities and one of which is Stuart Kramer, who happens to be the executive director of Global Alliance of Environmentalists (GALE). Chesney Barrett being the effective spy that she is, she came to know that this alliance is fighting against different oil companies and their valuable target this time is Titan Petroleum in Louisiana. Intrigued with what she has learned, this expose may lead her to locating the missing nuclear bomb. Determined to stop the planned ecoterrorism, she must work double time to gain their trust and with that, she will only be an inch away from completing their mission.

Engaging with these personalities may have gained them a lead, but it may also have costed their safety. Did their plans work out or will this lead to another destruction? Bob’s action-packed series is definitely one to look out for. Stay tuned for more as he brings us to another potential danger - the Armageddon Virus.

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