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Robert Gallant, also known as Bob, is a retired Chemical Engineer. He started to materialize his love for writing only until his retirement. That’s when he started creating a series of novels taken from different inspirations and mostly, through his late wife’s advice which was to create a main character with immense strength; a woman who does not need a knight in shining armour to keep her warm and safe. That’s how Chesney Barrett, an Environmental Research graduate student from Louisiana came into picture. Travis Weld, on the other hand, is not the typical prince charming who comes to save a damsel in distress; he is an aggressive smart guy leading an undercover agency in pursuit of terrorists.

As Gallant continues to make waves in the industry through his impeccable novels. Just recently, Gallant’s “Satan’s Stronghold” received the Hollywood Book Reviews’ Excellent Merit Award, solidifying its place in literature as one of those that bookworms shouldn’t miss the chance of reading.  “Satan’s Stronghold” is part of a series, composed of equally-well-written suspense-thriller novels, namely, “Jericho’s Trumpet,” “The Armageddon Virus,” “God’s Domain,” and “Alpha and Omega.” “Alpha and Omega” is the newest of the novels to be released.

Further, Gallant is set to release “Satan’s Stronghold” and Rob the Vatican’s respective screenplays to the film industry as he aims for the novels to brought to life in the movies. Most readers agree that the intensity of Gallant’s novels deserve to be seen in the big screen --- a possibility that gets closer and closer to reality, considering the amount of attention that Gallant’s books are now getting.

Get to know more about the man behind the raving success of “Rob the Vatican” and the four-part series, beginning with “Satan’s Stronghold” and have an insider’s scoop on the latest events that Gallant and his books will be a part of by tuning in to his interview with America Tonight’s Kate Delaney this October 19th. You don’t want to miss it!

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Satan's Stronghold
Jericho's Trumpet
The Armageddon Virus
God's Domain
Alpha and Omega