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Rob the Vatican – A Novel that Reawakens Ones Appetite for Intrigue

“There is no such thing as a palace too guarded for no man to be able to conquer it.”

Perhaps, it can also be said that there truly is no place in the world that is as safe as one’s dreams. In Robert Gallant’s “Rob the Vatican,” what once was said to be the safest, most secure part of the world may have found its biggest loophole. The Vatican, home of the Catholic Church’s top leaders and considered to be the strongest pillar of their faith, has always been one of the most remarkably secure places on Earth --- and for good reason, because no one would be dumb enough to violate the most religious country on Earth, as well, unless maybe that person is notoriously evil enough to pull of a stunt as big enough as violating the sanctity of the Vatican.

But, could this be the reason why The Vatican has found itself in a shaky situation? Could it just be evil?
Robert Gallant explores a different side of The Vatican in his novel. Featuring scandals of all kinds and to all extents and incorporating in it a much-needed touch of religious and historic elements, Gallant boasts of an entertaining, yet intelligently-written novel that is sure to excite readers of all ages.
And because “Rob the Vatican” is one novel that cannot be missed by anyone (by anyone!), the book together with Bob’s other four books – “Satan’s Stronghold,” “The Armageddon Virus,” “Jericho’s Trumpet and God’s Domain” will be  participating at the Frankfurt International Book Fair on October 10th – October 14th, 2018 at Frankfurt Federal Hesse in Germany. The book fair is a timely showcase of the newest and most up-to-date literary masterpieces in the world, and there is no question as to why “Rob the Vatican” found a spot in the fair. Make sure to grab a copy of the book in the fair and get the chance to read and find thrill in one of the most unexpected parts in the world!

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C. Isaac
3 years ago

Nice website. Will feature this on my new blogsite @authorseverywhere