“To save the people infected at the Houstonaire and keep the virus from spreading, Dr. Giles needs to study the live virus.

In this modern day, we have been exposed to varieties of weaponry. With a lot of wars going on against and within nations; fighting for freedom, seeking for justice and a lot more, the most common instruments deployed are guns and ammunition, explosives, nuclear weapons and lastly, chemical weapons. There are a lot more than what meets the eye, and some deadly ones are those we cannot see but can only feel. And this is the usage of the most dangerous weapon: virus. Biological warfare, as we call it. Widespread of that particular virus can already cause mayhem. Although it may cost more as it involves employment of experts, but this absolutely gets the job done easily. In case you don’t know, this type of weaponry started in 6th century BC.

As part of Bob Gallant’s thriller series, the third installment will expose us to this kind of terrorism. It is uncannily striking and at the same time, interesting. If you knew that it is only you who could possibly stop this kind of destruction, are you willing to sacrifice yourself for the benefit of everyone or would you rather leave and begone to a foreign land and start anew? Or, let’s take it this way; if you had the knowledge about the rebirth of this particular weapon, would you rather sell it away which will bring you millions in an instant or would you keep the knowledge to yourself and live peacefully instead? Bob’s The Armageddon Virus introduces us to Dr. Giles and Fulton.

This third book takes us to a whole new level of action together with Chesney and Travis as they race against time. This started when they knew about a particular transaction wherein a deadly virus is held on sale to a famous weapon dealer. Our protagonists’ decisions and actions normally determine the success of their mission. But this time, since they do not have adept knowledge about the virus, the help of an expert is necessary. Chesney Barrett, being the quick-minded person that she is, brilliant in so many ways decided to enter the world of  virology behind the guise of a journalist named Edie. Her investigative skills brought her to Virotech where she was exposed to different scientists. Satan’s Stronghold and Jericho’s Trumpet showed us how Chesney evolved from being the shy graduate student to being the sly undercover agent, and in The Armageddon Virus, she definitely has become a master on her own. She has mastered the art of combating and employed the techniques Weld taught her. But will her mastery of techniques and her pure talent be enough to again save her from this danger they’re facing?

One mistake and you’ll be dead in five days. Make one mistake and every human faces Armageddon.”

Presence of mind and calculated actions should go in hand. Otherwise, the clock will start ticking for all of us.

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