By now, I’d like to believe that you have read the first three books prior to this installment of Bob’s suspense-filled series - the God’s Domain. If you could recall, it’s been a roller coaster ride for both Travis (the leader of a secret government agency) and Chesney (Environmental Research graduate student) who have done so much for the people and for the government. To risk one’s life just so you could protect other people is honestly, not an easy feat. This, by the way, has what Chesney been doing, ever since she associated herself with Travis and took those missions. Perhaps, you might have thought as well of these questions: How long will Chesney heed Travis’ calls for help? How far could she sacrifice her welfare for others to be saved?

This fourth installment of Bob’s creations revolves around legends and culture. Travis and Chesney’s journey has been taken to a whole new level, to a different dimension. Many of us become indifferent when we hear the words; legends and cultures, however, this novel is unlike any other. This teaches us the following values: (1) to learn to trust the unknown and (2) to be attentive to details. The tandem’s mission is to save one of the most brilliant archaeologists, David Phillips. He has been held as captive by the guerillas in Yucatan Peninsula. Their mission, however, does not just end there. A more dangerous and complex quest awaits.

Together with David Philips, Chesney once again embarks for another adventure of a lifetime which is to search for the sacred site of the legendary god, the god of all gods - Viracocha. Little do they know is that, this mission is accompanied with a lot of challenges. Challenges that may make or break them. This is when they learned to trust the unknown; to never hesitate to ask for help when needed. And so they came across the ruthless military commander, who asks for a share of treasures when found. Would you trust this person fully when you know he has his interests as well and he can turn against you anytime he wants? In this journey, Bob exposes his audience to a different dimension; a place where they learn the behaviour of their ancestors and the legends that go with them. He shows us a history rich of cultures with which some, may still be practiced till today.

To be able to reach the end of the line to God’s Domain, they must know how to decipher the hieroglyphics embedded in the sacred stone tablets they found. Each symbolism leads them to certain directions they need to take, thus, they must be very keen. If they decode each correctly, each will point them to locate three ancient points they call as Sentinels of Lights. These lights will eventually take them to what they are looking for. Complicated, mind-boggling yet exciting - Bob never fails his readers to give the kind of thrill one looks for. Will they bring the change this world needs?

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