Have you ever heard about the three M’s - Master, Mate and Mission? It is interesting how Bob (Robert Gallant) explores writing which involves complex relationships and evil-doings.

If you were in a situation wherein someone you do not know comes knocking on your door, and invites you to be a part of his team where you could put justice in your hands; and by justice, it means vengeance against the evil doers who did you or your family wrong before - will you take this once in a lifetime opportunity or will you decline the said offer and let due process of law take place?

This is how Chesney Barret and Travis Weld knew each other. It just so happen that Travis, someone with authority is the stranger knocking at her front door asking for her help. He is a leader of an undercover agency working for and with the government. On the other hand, Chesney is Travis’ target who he thinks is fit to be his pawn, though it is still unknown whether she is an asset to his team or she is a liability. She, by the way, is a graduate student taking up Environmental Research. Her background on ecology makes her a good catch for Travis, as he is currently in a mission to investigate an alleged drug manufacturing lab in a nearby swamp. Not to mention that her qualities and physical appearance hold a huge factor in completing this operation.

As the story progresses, Bob maintains a suspense wherein deception, attraction and love are evident. Chesney has accepted the offer, wanting to avenge her Mother’s death due to the fleeing drug dealer(s) who hit her car and killed her instantly. This orphan is now ready to take on a bigger role, a vital role to the society but mostly to herself. Through the lead agent’s teachings, she has transformed into a warrior. What once to be a fragile lady who succumbed to silence after her mother’s death has now become a monster waiting to be unleashed any time.

Bob has portrayed Chesney as an attractive woman with a substance - she has been created through his imagination accompanied by his wife’s advice, to create a woman character who doesn’t need saving, a character who can outdo men. As Chesney embarks on this journey, her quick mindset and soft-spoken side are her biggest assets. She easily earns her captors trust, making it somehow easy for her to complete the operation. However, what could have been completed turned into a complicated situation wherein Chesney has become attracted to the alleged mastermind of illegal activities in their area. Is this already love that she’s feeling or is this only part of their game plan?

This, my friends is what Master, Mate and Mission is all about. Who is their master? Or what is their master? It is quite obvious that the mate that’s being referred here is Chesney, Travis’ chosen one. They are working together to capture the evil doers - which is their mission. Now tell me, who or what is their master?

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