Making the Impossible Nothing More than an Old-School Cliché

Nowadays, it seems as if nothing is impossible, just as nothing is ever permanent. With the birth and continuous development of technology, through the years, what once was difficult to perceive may now have changed into something the human mind can truly achieve. Breaking the impossible --- that perhaps could be the theme of Robert Gallant’s Rob the Vatican.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock these past few years of your existence, you would know that the Vatican is one of, if not the, most impenetrable places in the world. Not only is it guarded with the tightest security, but the fact that it is considered as a holy place, makes it all the more “impossible” to break in to. But what if one day, this barrier is broken? Is it ever possible to break into the impenetrable?

Gallant attempts to defeat the cliché that is the impossible through the thrilling adventure of Craig Reynolds --- a man caught in a crossfire of possibilities and impossibilities, right in the middle of crossing the boundaries of love, life, and politics. Will he manage to get out of the biggest heist in history, alive?

While overall, the feel of the novel is as entertaining as it could be imagined, Robert Gallant digs deep into fiction by making sure that his writing is based on actual facts that are not only meant to entertain readers, but to inform them of the mystery of the Vatican, as well. In a nutshell, Rob the Vatican is one nightmare that has come true --- a delirious adventure ready to make history.

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