Little Decoy

To have successfully completed a mission is one thing, but to continue enlisting yourself into further wild adventure is another. How many of you here may have thought that Chesney Barrett has been used by Travis Weld? Did it occur to you how amazing and at the same time, how crazy things went for these two characters who have different lives and passion but are now working together for one cause? However, still— you cannot help but think that Chesney, has become Travis’ little decoy after all. With Travis’ way of life, who believes that “Deception is the norm” has successfully acquired a great partner in Chesney’s character. She has been used as an instrument. Not a simple instrument, but a huge instrument for the success of his mission(s), once and for all.

Jericho’s Trumpet is the second installment to Bob’s suspense-filled, action-packed series following Satan’s Stronghold where Travis and Chesney worked together to locate the drug den hiding in the swamps of Atchafalaya. What’s in store for us in Bob’s second installment? What should we look forward to in this series?

Bob shares his passion in writing through creating these fictional stories which he placed on hold for so many years to give way to his familial obligations and to his work as an engineer before. Now that he has retired, he has devoted his time into writing and giving his audience the kind of adventure one could look for, in books. For someone who has wanted to create stories, he definitely does not want to disappoint his audience. Sit back and let Bob take you to a different kind of “wandering”.

Now that Chesney has “officially” enlisted herself as Travis’ sidekick, many of us may think that she cannot work all by herself in this second mission which is to locate the smuggled deadly suitcase-sized nuclear bomb. Many of us may think that being a sidekick means to work with commanding, that she cannot function without his words. What many of us do not know is that— in Bob’s series, Chesney is her own hero. She may be a lady, but a lady who does not need a man to validate her. She was created as a strong persona who exceeds ones expectations of her. Being a little decoy, she cloaks herself as a judge in a Science fair where she could connect to a seemingly important person who probably holds clues. What is the nuclear bomb for? Who probably holds it now? Most importantly, when will it be used?

As they embark in this new mission, Chesney’s decoy has led her to GALE (Global Alliance of Environmentalists). This organization is doing a protest against an expansion of a huge petroleum refinery in New Orleans. Could this be the breakthrough that they are looking for? Or is the suspect only using GALE as a front, to cover his motive and his identity? I’ll leave it to you to find out what happens in Bob’s Jericho’s Trumpet.

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