What will you do if you have this great amount of knowledge and ideas running in your head? To know so much is one thing, but to keep these all to yourself is another. It is just hard to keep mum about things when you know you are better off sharing all these knowledge to people you trust. However, the world today is a huge platform of competition. Everyone is unfortunately, hungry of power. Most people, if not all, don’t want to give credit to whom it is due. You may know more about this in Bob Gallant’s fourth installment to his action-packed series which is God’s Domain. This teaches us one important lesson which is applicable in our day to day living, to achieve greater heights one must have great faith.

Looking back at the last three novels by Bob, believe it or not, all the obstacles from every mission they’re thrown at, Chesney and Travis were able to overcome. They were able to conquer the bacteria from every swamp in Louisiana to taking down Jacques Dupree manning the illegal drug operations in Satan’s Stronghold. They were able to stop what could have been the next Chernobyl in Jericho’s Trumpet. And lastly, they had a bout with time from locating the virologist behind the sale of the deadly virus in Armageddon Virus. If I were to give credit, I were to give all these to Chesney - a very commendable character. She definitely showed she is agile and flexible. What great faith they had in themselves to have survived all those.

In Gallant’s God’s Domain, Travis and Chesney were initially tasked to rescue the brilliant archeologist David Phillips from the hands of leftist guerrillas in Mexico. Phillips is known to have a big heart, a compassionate person who shares almost everything he discovers and in this novel, this became evident when Phillips requested Travis and Chesney’s help to also save Dr. Tanadas (director of Mayan archaeological studies, who he considered as his mentor) who was also held by this organization. At first, they were hesitant to comply but nonetheless, they heeded. It was quite a relief that they have successfully got out of the place alive most especially David Phillips, considering how intense the gun fights were. Reporting back to work, they thought it was the end of it all until David’s father reached out to them, or most especially to Chesney Barrett.

With Chesney’s remarkable character, people had great faith on her hence the different missions she’s thrown to. And with this new journey that she will be taking with David Phillips, it will take them a lot of courage and patience to get to God’s Domain, which is a sacred site of the legendary Viracocha. It would require them also to be vigilant, to know who to trust and when to talk. Will their great faith to the god of all gods manifest in this challenging time? I hope you are as excited as I am to find out if they are able to reach the sacred site and what’s in store next for Chesney and her partner in crime, Travis.

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