What do you think is in store for all of us in this Bob’s part of the thriller series? I hope you are as excited as I am to share a few things about this book.

“Why should I trust you? You’ll stay here until I confirm that you’re the legitimate representative.”

Who do you think spoke those words above? If you have been following Bob’s thriller series, you would know by now the famous words they live by which are: Sex is a weapon. Deception is the norm. I bet you will agree with me that aside from the skillful characters in the books, those lines really helped them in completing their missions.

In Bob’s fourth installment, God’s Domain, Chesney once again engaged herself in this bloody war alongside Travis. You would come to think that Chesney, has after all accepted her fate, which is to participate in this undercover movement with Travis Weld. The various engagements have shown how Chesney has successfully if not defeated, outsmarted these perpetrators. Chesney is indeed an epitome of a strong, independent woman who does not need a man to validate her. She knows her weaknesses, and knows when to use them for her advantage. She is sharp-witted, manages to get out of difficult situations fast.

In God’s Domain, you will see how Chesney and Travis established an strategic plan on how to rescue the brilliant archaeologist David Philips from the guerrillas in Mexico. In order for them to succeed, one must be on top of the game. Chesney acted as the medium, the middle man between the anti-government group and the drug syndicate. In this part, you will definitely agree with me when I say that Chesney is indeed, one of a kind. How can someone be confident and scared at the same time? How is that even possible?

You may have thought that the mission ended when they have successfully rescued David. As cliche as it is, it marked the beginning of another assignment to comply to. Chesney was invited or rather tasked by Dr. Jacob Phillips to accompany his son in his search for the sacred site. This meant a trip to memory lane, where one learns about his forefathers and about his faith.

How do you think Chesney prepared for this another adventure with another person? How equipped was she for this expedition? There will always be bumps along the way, how you react to every situation determines the success of your mission. Do you think Chesney and David can make it to God’s Domain amid everyone trying to block their way? The ultimate question would be, are you ready to endure everything just to know the origin of your faith? Are you willing to embrace it? What they may find may lead you to the next, The Alpha and Omega which probably is the last. Don’t miss it!

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