If you have the power to change everything, would you do it alone or would you tap anyone else to help you achieve it? In Bob’s second novel on his four part suspense thriller, he once again showcases his talent in giving his readers something to look forward to in every page. Jericho’s Trumpet, if I were to describe it in one word – I would say realistic or even more so. If you ask why, I won’t provide an explicit answer; I will have you discover it for yourself. However, in the next few paragraphs, I will share to you some details of this novel.

How do you find the statement, “Behind every man’s success is a woman.”? If you say it’s not true, then you might want to think again. Bob has set the bar high for women in his novels, wherein he created through his late wife’s advice an image of an iron lady: strong, independent and intelligent woman in Chesney Barrett’s character. To complement this strong-willed Environmental Research graduate student, he introduces Travis Weld, a leader of a secret government agency who has a heart as hard as stone. The two of them make a good team in eradicating the criminals, terrorists alike.

Jericho’s Trumpet portrays the modern days where pollution is so much evident, and terrorism is an ongoing concern for years. This novel will tell us that every fight has a cause and this happens to be about environmentalism and industrialism. Whilst it is not clear which side Bob is; whether conservation or entrepreneurship or capitalism, he manages to deliver the story in a manner where both sides were equally depicted. The story leads us to a group of environmentalists disputing against the expansion of an international oil company based in South Louisiana. Isn’t it a mere coincidence where Travis is once again in a mission in locating one of the smuggled nuclear bombs from Russia? While it may or may not be one of these environmentalists who smuggled it, but the smuggler may use this opportunity to just set off the nuclear bomb and put the blame on either of the parties involved. Eco-terrorism, we could call it. There are people trying to protect the environment at all cost, while there are those who would destroy it no matter what the cost is.

This will take us to Chesney Barrett doing what she does best (as she had just recently discovered her hidden talent in espionage through Bob’s first novel, Satan’s Stronghold), she acts as mole behind the guise of a judge in a Science fair to have a close encounter with an important person which could aid them in resolving this case. Through this, with every drop of hint, she connects the dots to get to the truth, she changes sail to get into the villains perspective AS SHE BATTLES TO PREVENT A TERRIBLE disaster from actually happening. Bob also leaves us with a very important lesson, which is the concept of time – sense of urgency is evident in his stories all throughout.

As you go through every page of this novel, I hope that when you come to its last page, you will have thought of an answer to the question in the first statement.

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