Decoding Ancient Times

If you have been following Robert Gallant’s breathtaking, nerve-wracking, heart-wrenching series then you have come to his LATEST installment of this action-filled suspense, and this is called God’s Domain.

As you may know, there are two exceptional characters in his series: Travis Weld who leads a secret government agency who specializes in chasing terrorists and Chesney Barrett who is a graduate student DOING Environmental Research and instantly became Weld’s “partner in crime”. This all started when Chesney was tapped by Weld to assist him in his missions in locating the drug manufacturers and their base IN THE Atchafalaya Basin (Satan’s Stronghold), identifying the buyer of the smuggled nuclear bomb from Russia to the United States (Jericho’s Trumpet), and tracing the seller of the virus which can cause mass destruction (Armageddon Virus).

After those three missions that this tandem had successfully conquered; we can conclude that they are undeniably strong and effective individuals. Clothed with wit and strong intuition, Chesney exemplifies as her own hero whilst Travis, equipped with experience and brilliance coupled with strong guts, he overpowers these terrorists and not to mention. (I DONT UNDERSTAND THESE STATEMENTS stories were well narrated where they complement each other in no romantic way. This differentiates BOB’S way of writing from other authors.)

In God’s Domain, however, the main characters’ exceptional skills are again placed into test. This fourth novel will give us a brief overview of archaeology and how wonderful this is, if you are into discovering wonders of this world. Aside from that, this will walk us through memory lane tracing how ancestors lived their lives mentally and physically and not to mention, how they also nurtured their spiritual lives through the different symbolisms they used in interacting with or praising their gods. IN this novel, BOB exercises the minds of his readers through widening their imagination on historical events, different symbolisms and deciphering codes and messages embedded on these sacred objects. This also allows his readers to exercise their faith, believing in their strength, just how the major characters have exhibited their own.

The main focus or mission of this novel is the salvation of a well-known archaeologist, Dr. Philips. He was held captive by the leftist guerillas in THE Yucatan Peninsula. WELD AND CHESNEY USE THEIR FIGHTING SKILLS TO RESCUE HIM.

This mystery thriller then takes its readers to a journey with Dr. David Philips being accompanied by Chesney (TO PROTECT HIM) in completing his quest which is to find the sacred site of Viracocha, the legendary god who is known as the god of all gods. THIS JOURNEY REQUIRED PERSERVERANCE, DAVID’S BRILLIANT ARCHEOLOGICAL SKILLS, AND CHESNEY’S ABILITY TO OUTMANEUVER AND OUTFIGHT OTHERS WANTING TO STEAL THE TREASURES THAT ARE FOUND. BUT WHAT THEY FIND AT GOD’S DOMAIN GOES FAR BEYOND WHAT THEY EXPECTED. The discovery may change not only David and Chesney’s lives but may change the whole world. Thus, relax, sit back and enjoy the LATEST installment of Rob Gallant’s action-packed novel and let your mind wonder and wander through ancient times.

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