Countdown to Armageddon

How much time left before the Armageddon? Are you prepared with what is to come or are you one of the few who believes in “come what may”?

This Armageddon Virus is Bob’s third installment to his suspenseful, intense, action-packed series. This book does not require you to be expert in Science to understand the flow. What’s more interesting is that, it gives you a brief background about human genes. Bob’s series is definitely for readers of all age groups. He does not fail in giving his readers the action they anticipate, he keeps his readers off their seats as they eagerly see where every page takes them next.

When we talk about justice, what comes into your mind? We can associate this to the two main characters of Bob’s novels starting with Travis Weld as the man known to be a leader of a shady government agency; who uses lethal techniques in serving justice. Another one is Chesney Barrett, the Environmental Research graduate student best dubbed as the iron maiden who has become Weld’s little decoy in completing his missions from chasing terrorists to another. Although these two have different personalities, they click together in bringing down these evildoers.

With Bob’s knowledge on technology through his engineering career, coupled with his knowledge in Biology comes the creation of a dreadful virus story which could ostensibly wreak havoc - hence, the Armageddon Virus. Only brilliant and conspicuous people could possibly use this one of a kind weapon to cause mass destruction. Who could be the criminal mind behind this all and why is he doing this? Chesney previously only worries of the bacteria she may get from conquering swamps in Louisiana but now, she is facing even bigger battles from taking drug manufacturers (in Satan’s Stronghold) to chasing smugglers (Jericho’s Trumpet). And now, she is racing against time, trying to stop the sale of this deadly virus to an illegal weapon dealer Sigmund Oster.

Barrett finds herself traveling to Houston to probe and understand the world of virology. This takes her into meeting various virologists with different specializations. But what captures her attention more are those scientists who specialize in distinguishing and combating viral occurrence. Her stay in the agency has led her to a lot of discoveries. Not only did this bring her clues, she was also exposed to different anomalies inside the firm starting with an encounter to a number of suspicious deaths and exposure to virologists who had personal plans and not to mention, disagreements from within. One of which could be the mysterious man who is behind the illegal transaction. All these discoveries have led her closer to what she is looking for, however, these also have pulled her closer to danger. The search revolves around the firm, only to take her to an unexpected confrontation with Sigmund Oster.

As simple yet as complicated as it is, one should focus on the virus before it is too late. Otherwise, Armageddon begins.

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