Concept of Timing: The Collateral Damage

When you hear the words collateral damage, what comes into your mind? Perhaps, you would equate this to sacrifice. This was how it all started in Robert Gallant’s novel, Satan’s Stronghold. This entails a lot of sacrifices, even if this means also losing yourself in the process. It will never be easy to forgive and forget when you lose all your loved ones in a vehicular accident wherein the third party involved is a fugitive – fleeing from the policemen chasing after him. If you were in this situation, what could you have done to the said fugitive? This scenario is a perfect example of a collateral damage. It wasn’t supposed to happen, but it happened.

This is how Chesney Barrett’s life changed; from losing loved ones to coping with life after what happened to her family. She is one of the main characters of Rob Gallant’s action-packed thriller. This lady is a graduate student taking up Environmental Research. But she’s so much more than just being a graduate student; she previously was an Olympic contender in swimming. Her physique and strong will say a lot about herself. The strengths that go with these are yet to be unleashed. Suffering from the same cruel fate, Bob introduces the second main character of this series – Travis Weld. He is poratryed as leading an undercover agency who takes mission from mission to fully serve his government.

As the story goes, Travis encourages Chesney to join him in his first mission after a game warden and undercover agent were brutally murdered in an ongoing operation of locating the alleged drug den in nearby Atchafalaya Basin. Of course, Travis came prepared before Chesney could have rejected the offer. In order to get Chesney’s support, he reminded her of what happened to her beloved Mum. By doing so, it is like opening a wound that never really healed in the first place.  But at the back of Chesney’s mind, why would he recruit her to join his team, to begin with, when she clearly has no experience with combating, with acting as Nancy Drew, etc. If this means putting yourself at stake, your security to danger – would you still want to do it? Would you want to take justice in your hands, too?

As it progresses, Travis teaches Chesney the basics most especially on how to protect one’s self and also, on how she presents herself to the suspects. This story teaches us one important lesson which is to know one’s self: knowing our weaknesses and turning these one by one into strengths. That way, you would know how to unleash the inner beast within you when needed. Bob allows his readers to discover their talents, too, through this novel. If you are seeking for an adventure of a lifetime, this action-packed series is the perfect genre for you.

Join me in finding out what happens to Travis and Chesney tandem. Will cleverness and beauty suffice as Chesney embark on her first mission in locating the drug den and getting to know the alleged manufacturer? Or will Travis fully regret his decision of recruiting Chesney who doesn’t have any combat experience at all?

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