• Rob the Vatican

    The Vatican City --- the smallest country in the world, home to the leader of the Catholic Church and the stronghold for most of the faithful; the habitat of a significant number of treasures that have aged to be almost untouchable; perhaps uniquely surreal; one of the most secured

    places in the world, until now… Robert Gallant, through tireless years of research and dialogues with the minds behind historical concepts in Rome, presents his latest thriller, Rob the Vatican --- a novel that morphs the Città del Vaticano into the center of what could be the greatest heist in history. While this tiny state is known for being impervious, Gallant opens his readers’ eyes into

    the possibility of the impossible --- a concept most often taught within the walls of this faithful religion.

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    Robert Gallant Rob the Vatican

  • Satan's Stronghold

    In Gallant’s debut suspense novel Satan’s Stronghold, beautiful former collegiate swimming champion Chesney Barrett takes the role of an undercover tasked to locate the alleged drug factory hidden deep in the Louisiana swamps. Chesney thought that while doing her further graduate

    studies in environmental research in the Louisiana Atchafalaya

    Basin, the only dangers she would be facing are alligators and moccasins. Unknowingly, another person’s appearance would change her life in just a matter of days. Travis Weld, leader of an undercover government unit was tapped by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to search for and locate the illicit drug operations.

    As two lives already succumb to death for being in the wrong

    spot, Weld plotted a different approach for getting the job done. Recruit a beautiful, athletic woman with a reason for being in the swamp. With no experience in combat fighting, Chesney was placed in an arena she is not familiar with. The biggest challenge becomes staying alive. Equipped with only wit, great physique, and good

    instincts – will Chesney be able to dodge the traps set by

    these evil men? As she embarks on this mission; she mentally conditioned herself with the words of her late father, “Watch the winners. Learn what makes them a winner. Then beat them by doing it even better. Stay a winner by creating your own unique advantages.” Could her charm and fast thinking be enough to convince

    Plantation Owner Jacques Dupree that she is simply doing her
    environmental research and that she is not a threat to his business?

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    Robert Gallant Satan’s Stronghold

  • Jericho's Trumpet

    “Rousing gunfire and espionage elevated by an indelible protagonist.” – Kirkus Review Jericho’s Trumpet is a sequel to Robert Gallant’s Satan’s Stronghold which is also an action-packed plot but of more complex threats. This narrative showcases more of what Chesney Barrett

    can offer to Travis Weld’s team and to the government.

    Chesney Barrett has finally accepted a life different from what she is used to. After accomplishing her mission of working as an undercover spy to locate the drug den and help capture the perpetrators; she has continued living from a different perspective. She has finally come to terms with deception being the norm, as what Weld has

    instilled in her. Chesney now shows-off her charisma as a

    science-fair judge in order to trace the smuggled nuclear bomb into US. While seemingly this focuses on Chesney and her undeniable talent, Weld on the other hand remains being the tough guy and works on his own with Cassidy as his partner. Weld’s impatience and desperation to get the thing done will likely put their lives at

    stake. Will they make it the second time around and find the

    smuggled bomb before it’s too late?

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    Robert Gallant Jericho’s Trumpet

  • The Armageddon Virus

    “Chesney is an appealing, capable lead.” – Kirkus Review Bob Gallant’s thriller series keeps getting better and better, and more intense. The Armageddon Virus is the third installment to his action-packed, thriller series. Travis Weld and Chesney Barrett’s tandem is

    taken to a whole new level where Chesney tries to stop the

    alleged illegal transaction involving a potentially deadly virus. Let’s take a walk to memory lane – viruses were one of the major causes of death of our ancestors. A single virus can damage an entire community; if there’s no known cure. Weld in a pursuit of terrorists, intercepted a phone message from an anonymous sender

    trying to sell a deadly virus to a weapon dealer. This leaves

    them with an intense pursuit of who this person is and what this deadly virus being sold is. Chesney, who has become Weld’s first contact in missions like this, found herself leading towards a virology research company. As she tries to explore virology in this industry; she has noted wary deaths, and met various virologists.

    During her stay, her keen self found out about the long time

    feud going on inside the premises, which she purported to be the key in resolving the case. The closer she gets to the answers, the closer she is to danger. Imagine a single virus that can endanger not only one or two lives, but millions.

    Find out if this tandem can stop destruction to mankind or will they

    succumb to this virus.

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    Robert Gallant The Armageddon Virus

  • God's Domain

    'God's Domain' takes Chesney Barrett, Travis Weld on a potentially world-changing mission'

    MIDLAND, Mich. - Travis Weld, leader of a clandestine government team, reaches out once more to environmental graduate student Chesney Barrett in the fourth book of Robert Gallant's suspense

    thriller series featuring the two characters. This time, Travis

    needs Chesney's skills to help rescue a brilliant archaeologist, David Phillips, from guerillas in the Yucatan.

    The mission plunges Chesney into a dangerous and complex quest for the sacred site of Viracocha, the legendary god. To reach God's Domain, Chesney and David must decipher the clues and face a duplicitous ally

    and ruthless military commander on a journey that has the
    potential to change the world forever.

    Gallant says he was inspired by "Reading a series of articles in National Geographic about ancient South American cultures and the Nazca Lines in Peru.  I then spent several years researching Mexican and South American cultures to develop the scenario for the novel."

    "Sometimes what

    we do can create a much more dangerous problem than we

    expected," Gallant says.

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    Robert Gallant God’s Domain

  • Robert Gallant Alpha and Omega