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Robert Gallant Series Novels Robert Gallant, also known as Bob, is a retired Chemical Engineer. He started to materialize his love for writing only until his retirement. That’s when he started creating a series of novels taken from different inspirations and mostly, through his late wife’s advice which was to ...
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Making the Impossible Nothing More than an Old-School Cliché Nowadays, it seems as if nothing is impossible, just as nothing is ever permanent. With the birth and continuous development of technology, through the years, what once was difficult to perceive may now have changed into something the human mind can ...
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Recent Articles The Vatican: In a Dangerous Predicament The Vatican has long made controversies since time immemorial. From scandals involving priests and church leaders to invalidations and validations of truths and lies, the Vatican has never been spared of attention, whether the same be good or bad. But, has it ...
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