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Decoding Ancient Times If you have been following Robert Gallant’s breathtaking, nerve-wracking, heart-wrenching series then you have come to his LATEST installment of this action-filled suspense, and this is called God’s Domain. As you may know, there are two exceptional characters in his series: Travis Weld who leads a secret ...
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Biological Warfare If you’ve read the first two books of Robert Gallant’s action-packed series, you ought to know by now of the well-known tandem: Chesney Barrett and Travis Weld. They have survived the tests of times from losing their loved ones to chasing bad people – which these circumstances led ...
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Concept of Timing: The Collateral Damage When you hear the words collateral damage, what comes into your mind? Perhaps, you would equate this to sacrifice. This was how it all started in Robert Gallant’s novel, Satan’s Stronghold. This entails a lot of sacrifices, even if this means also losing yourself ...
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