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ECO-TERRORISM If you have the power to change everything, would you do it alone or would you tap anyone else to help you achieve it? In Bob’s second novel on his four part suspense thriller, he once again showcases his talent in giving his readers something to look forward to ...
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The Alliance for a Cause As you may know, Chesney Barrett, the graduate student DOING environmental studies IN THE LOUISIANA ATCHAFALAYA BASIN SWAMP previously placed her own life in danger after accepting Travis Weld’s (leader of a secret government agency) for help. She took the role as an undercover agent ...
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The Pursuit of Dreams Here’s a short background about Robert Gallant otherwise known as Bob. During his teenage years, as he was VERY proficient in Math and Science; this led him to decide to take the Chemical Engineering path. This journey took OVER 40 years of his life, dedicated in ...
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