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Little Decoy To have successfully completed a mission is one thing, but to continue enlisting yourself into further wild adventure is another. How many of you here may have thought that Chesney Barrett has been used by Travis Weld? Did it occur to you how amazing and at the same ...
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MASTER, MATE & MISSION Have you ever heard about the three M’s - Master, Mate and Mission? It is interesting how Bob (Robert Gallant) explores writing which involves complex relationships and evil-doings. If you were in a situation wherein someone you do not know comes knocking on your door, and ...
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OF LEGENDS AND CULTURE By now, I’d like to believe that you have read the first three books prior to this installment of Bob’s suspense-filled series - the God’s Domain. If you could recall, it’s been a roller coaster ride for both Travis (the leader of a secret government agency) ...
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