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The Meeting (The Beginning of Everything) Louisiana’s mystery all began with a brutal murder of a game warden and an undercover agent. The news shook everyone and sends the Drug Enforcement Agency (otherwise known as DEA) into a blaze. They are in a mission to locate the alleged drug manufacturing ...
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THE QUEST Do you agree with this particular line Bob, the author shared; “Sometimes, what we can do create a much more dangerous problem than we expected.”? More often than not, we tend to act onto something thinking that it may do us good, and not thinking it’s corresponding consequence ...
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Countdown to Armageddon How much time left before the Armageddon? Are you prepared with what is to come or are you one of the few who believes in “come what may”? This Armageddon Virus is Bob’s third installment to his suspenseful, intense, action-packed series. This book does not require you ...
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