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A Foreplay to an Action-Adventure Like No Other “Today was easy. Tomorrow will be hell.” What a way to motivate someone, one would think. Those lines, however, are not to be underestimated. Robert Gallant’s Satan’s Stronghold gives adventure a run for its money, as it twists and turns the heartbeats ...
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Belong, Believe and Become If you are an avid reader of Bob Gallant’s novels, I bet you are also wondering how Chesney Barrett is coping after her very first mission which literally and figuratively changed her (Satan’s Stronghold). Did it occur to you though whether Chesney Barrett was driven by ...
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The Final Countdown Time heals everything, they say. But how could you possibly forget of the things that hurt you; if these things or events keep on repeating? Undeniably, you could only wish. Wish that it did not happen or wish that it was all but a dream. Or lastly, ...
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