Rob the Vatican
Satan's Stronghold
Jericho's Trumpet
The Armageddon Virus
God's Domain
Alpha and Omega



MASTER, MATE & MISSION Have you ever heard about the three M’s - Master, Mate and Mission? It is interesting how Bob (Robert Gallant) explores writing which involves complex relationships and evil-doings. If you were in a situation wherein someone you do not know comes knocking on your door, and invites you to be a part of his team where you could put justice in your hands; and by justice, it means vengeance against the evil doers who did you or your family wrong before - will you take this once in a lifetime opportunity or will you decline the ...
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OF LEGENDS AND CULTURE By now, I’d like to believe that you have read the first three books prior to this installment of Bob’s suspense-filled series - the God’s Domain. If you could recall, it’s been a roller coaster ride for both Travis (the leader of a secret government agency) and Chesney (Environmental Research graduate student) who have done so much for the people and for the government. To risk one’s life just so you could protect other people is honestly, not an easy feat. This, by the way, has what Chesney been doing, ever since she associated herself with ...
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ECO-TERRORISM If you have the power to change everything, would you do it alone or would you tap anyone else to help you achieve it? In Bob’s second novel on his four part suspense thriller, he once again showcases his talent in giving his readers something to look forward to in every page. Jericho’s Trumpet, if I were to describe it in one word – I would say realistic or even more so. If you ask why, I won’t provide an explicit answer; I will have you discover it for yourself. However, in the next few paragraphs, I will share ...
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The Alliance for a Cause

The Alliance for a Cause As you may know, Chesney Barrett, the graduate student DOING environmental studies IN THE LOUISIANA ATCHAFALAYA BASIN SWAMP previously placed her own life in danger after accepting Travis Weld’s (leader of a secret government agency) for help. She took the role as an undercover agent with which the success of that mission was BECAUSE OF HER MENTAL SAAVY AND PHYSICAL CAPABILITIES, She wholly was a huge instrument to locate the den used by drug manufacturers to operate the illegal industry. Where deception was the norm, Chesney learned to play by the rules that go with ...
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The Pursuit of Dreams

The Pursuit of Dreams Here’s a short background about Robert Gallant otherwise known as Bob. During his teenage years, as he was VERY proficient in Math and Science; this led him to decide to take the Chemical Engineering path. This journey took OVER 40 years of his life, dedicated in continuous learning to improve technology so as to cope with the challenges and needs of this rapidly changing world. However, this career did not in any way, hinder his love for writing. They say you cannot serve two masters at the same time, but I say, it was possible. Bob ...
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Decoding Ancient Times

Decoding Ancient Times If you have been following Robert Gallant’s breathtaking, nerve-wracking, heart-wrenching series then you have come to his LATEST installment of this action-filled suspense, and this is called God’s Domain. As you may know, there are two exceptional characters in his series: Travis Weld who leads a secret government agency who specializes in chasing terrorists and Chesney Barrett who is a graduate student DOING Environmental Research and instantly became Weld’s “partner in crime”. This all started when Chesney was tapped by Weld to assist him in his missions in locating the drug manufacturers and their base IN THE ...
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Biological Warfare

Biological Warfare If you’ve read the first two books of Robert Gallant’s action-packed series, you ought to know by now of the well-known tandem: Chesney Barrett and Travis Weld. They have survived the tests of times from losing their loved ones to chasing bad people – which these circumstances led them to each other. Although from the start, it was not clear why Travis has chosen Chesney amongst all and how Chesney, inexperienced in combat arena, seems to be well-adept with what she is doing. Add up why Travis did not get trained agents instead to solve this particular assignment ...
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Concept of Timing: The Collateral Damage

Concept of Timing: The Collateral Damage When you hear the words collateral damage, what comes into your mind? Perhaps, you would equate this to sacrifice. This was how it all started in Robert Gallant’s novel, Satan’s Stronghold. This entails a lot of sacrifices, even if this means also losing yourself in the process. It will never be easy to forgive and forget when you lose all your loved ones in a vehicular accident wherein the third party involved is a fugitive – fleeing from the policemen chasing after him. If you were in this situation, what could you have done ...
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Robert Gallant Series Novels

Robert Gallant Series Novels Robert Gallant, also known as Bob, is a retired Chemical Engineer. He started to materialize his love for writing only until his retirement. That’s when he started creating a series of novels taken from different inspirations and mostly, through his late wife’s advice which was to create a main character with immense strength; a woman who does not need a knight in shining armour to keep her warm and safe. That’s how Chesney Barrett, an Environmental Research graduate student from Louisiana came into picture. Travis Weld, on the other hand, is not the typical prince charming ...
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Making the Impossible Nothing More than an Old-School Cliché

Making the Impossible Nothing More than an Old-School Cliché Nowadays, it seems as if nothing is impossible, just as nothing is ever permanent. With the birth and continuous development of technology, through the years, what once was difficult to perceive may now have changed into something the human mind can truly achieve. Breaking the impossible --- that perhaps could be the theme of Robert Gallant’s Rob the Vatican. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock these past few years of your existence, you would know that the Vatican is one of, if not the, most impenetrable places in the world ...
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