Rob the Vatican
Satan's Stronghold
Jericho's Trumpet
The Armageddon Virus
God's Domain
Alpha and Omega



ENGAGE, ESTABLISH, EQUIP What do you think is in store for all of us in this Bob’s part of the thriller series? I hope you are as excited as I am to share a few things about this book. “Why should I trust you? You’ll stay here until I confirm that you’re the legitimate representative.” Who do you think spoke those words above? If you have been following Bob’s thriller series, you would know by now the famous words they live by which are: Sex is a weapon. Deception is the norm. I bet you will agree with me that ...
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REBIRTH OF BIO-WEAPONS “To save the people infected at the Houstonaire and keep the virus from spreading, Dr. Giles needs to study the live virus.” In this modern day, we have been exposed to varieties of weaponry. With a lot of wars going on against and within nations; fighting for freedom, seeking for justice and a lot more, the most common instruments deployed are guns and ammunition, explosives, nuclear weapons and lastly, chemical weapons. There are a lot more than what meets the eye, and some deadly ones are those we cannot see but can only feel. And this is ...
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Voice of Reason

Voice of Reason “Stuart Kramer faces a daunting challenge. How does he negotiate a settlement between an intransigent Titan and angry people fighting to protect the health of their families? And can Stuart Kramer do it before the anger spills over into violence?” If you have noticed; in every group, affiliation or organization, or union, there’s a particular head who gets to lead it. Even animals need a leader, say for example a pack of wolves. I believe things are easier with having a person as a point of contact. In this Bob Gallant’s sequel: Jericho’s Trumpet, Stuart Kramer happens ...
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THE ROAD TO REDEMPTION This novel is definitely not for the faint-hearted. With every page, you will find yourself in a journey together with the characters. You may or you may not like every scene but nonetheless, it is the kind of adventure one would want to be in. In this Bob’s creation, you will witness an incredible transformation of characters and how one or the other, accepted every challenge thrown in his or her way; from the depths of despair to figuring ones way through hell and then the acceptance of ones fate. This is one epic action-packed tale ...
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GREAT FAITH What will you do if you have this great amount of knowledge and ideas running in your head? To know so much is one thing, but to keep these all to yourself is another. It is just hard to keep mum about things when you know you are better off sharing all these knowledge to people you trust. However, the world today is a huge platform of competition. Everyone is unfortunately, hungry of power. Most people, if not all, don’t want to give credit to whom it is due. You may know more about this in Bob Gallant’s ...
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The Wonders of Science & Technology

The Wonders of Science & Technology We are already in the generation where technology can do if not all, most for us. Not to mention shopping online and getting those delivered at our doorstep, paying using our mobile devices, meeting old and new friends with the use of different applications and the like. Did it occur to you that many years from now, humans may become extinct because of technology? There may be other reasons, too which I could name a few: (1) terrorism (2) widespread of incurable illnesses and lastly (3) the rebirth of viruses we knew were long ...
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SLAYING GIANTS: THE NEXT CHERNOBYL With the birth of tall buildings and the rise of various factories or industries, it is undeniable that these did not only cause more pollution to human beings but these also destroyed our ecosystem. They say that there’s an equal or opposite reaction to every action; and with those developments come the pros and cons. Some are fine with it, while others are fighting against it. This holds true until today, if you have paid more attention to daily news. But with Bob’s sequel to Satan’s Stronghold where Chesney and Travis teamed up to locate ...
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A TWIST OF FATE: THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING How willing are you to accept change? Are you the type of person who embraces it without any hesitation or are you the kind who is willing to accept it, however with reservation? In Bob Gallant’s debut thriller, the first in his series; it all began when Travis Weld knocked on Chesney Barrett’s door just when she was about to leave for a field study. Travis is known as the strong-willed leader of a drug enforcement agency tasked to complete a mission by investigating an alleged drug manufacturing industry hidden in the ...
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A Foreplay to an Action-Adventure Like No Other

A Foreplay to an Action-Adventure Like No Other “Today was easy. Tomorrow will be hell.” What a way to motivate someone, one would think. Those lines, however, are not to be underestimated. Robert Gallant’s Satan’s Stronghold gives adventure a run for its money, as it twists and turns the heartbeats of readers in a thrilling literary escape. Chesney Barrett takes on the undercover agent hat as she seeks to unravel the truth behind certain operations working by the Atchafalaya Basin. Travis Weld, a seasoned agent of the Drug Enforcement Agency prepares her for a mission that entails more than just ...
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Belong, Believe and Become

Belong, Believe and Become If you are an avid reader of Bob Gallant’s novels, I bet you are also wondering how Chesney Barrett is coping after her very first mission which literally and figuratively changed her (Satan’s Stronghold). Did it occur to you though whether Chesney Barrett was driven by fear? Fear of what will happen to her if she had declined Travis Weld’s call for help or fear of more lives wasted because of the evils surrounding the place? Was it fear driving her to act upon it or was it motivation (to protect innocent lives) pushing her to ...
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