Biological Warfare

If you’ve read the first two books of Robert Gallant’s action-packed series, you ought to know by now of the well-known tandem: Chesney Barrett and Travis Weld. They have survived the tests of times from losing their loved ones to chasing bad people – which these circumstances led them to each other.

Although from the start, it was not clear why Travis has chosen Chesney amongst all and how Chesney, inexperienced in combat arena, seems to be well-adept with what she is doing. Add up why Travis did not get trained agents instead to solve this particular assignment. Details may be unclear and may also leave you asking for answers but this does not stop the readers from flipping page after page, anticipating of what will happen next to this iron maiden and clandestine government leader.

In Bob’s third installment: The Armageddon Virus showcases more of this tandem’s flexibility.  How far could they go? Bob challenges us all in his third novel into thinking what else could cause destruction to mankind aside from exposing us to drugs (Satan’s Stronghold) and introducing us to nuclear bombs (Jericho’s Trumpet).

This all starts with Weld discovering a text message from an anonymous person selling a deadly virus to an illegal weapon dealer. Not to mention that in this novel, Chesney’s best friend got killed in the Atchafalaya Basin. One too many questions arise from who this seller is, what is this virus being sold and who killed her best friend. As they now embark on their new mission, they hope to seek answers and bring justice.

Travis, aggressive as he is, has already thought of a plan which is again, to seduce men to easily get the information they need. Contrary to what Travis’ wants to happen, Barrett prepares herself to be another person, as what she does best. She now poses as a journalist named Edie Hammond and heads to Houston specifically to Delphia Virotech to kick-off their mission. Chesney must find the elusive seller, who most likely is the same person who murdered her best friend.

What Chesney has discovered in her visit to Delphia Virotech brings in more clues to finally uncover the mystery. This includes the discovery a number of suspicious deaths, the encounter with mad and ruthless virologists and lastly, the exposure to a longtime internal disagreement which may be the key to unfolding the destructive virus. But every time these discoveries lead her to new clues, this likewise takes her closer to danger. The ultimate problem is the widespread of virus which will not only kill a person but will cause deadly effect to millions one could ever imagine. Given this, will they be able to catch this person before everything happens or will it be the other way around?

Fortunately, Chesney is no doubt a hero of her own. This protagonist manages to carry herself all throughout the battles she is brought into. Travis may occasionally come to rescue her, but Chesney’s self-defense skills and intuition are enough to keep her alive in this novel.

Find out what happens to Chesney’s interview with Dr. Giles and their encounter with Oster, the prospective buyer of the said virus.

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