Belong, Believe and Become

If you are an avid reader of Bob Gallant’s novels, I bet you are also wondering how Chesney Barrett is coping after her very first mission which literally and figuratively changed her (Satan’s Stronghold).

Did it occur to you though whether Chesney Barrett was driven by fear? Fear of what will happen to her if she had declined Travis Weld’s call for help or fear of more lives wasted because of the evils surrounding the place? Was it fear driving her to act upon it or was it motivation (to protect innocent lives) pushing her to accept it and work it out? Nonetheless, one thing is for sure; she belonged. She belonged to Travis Weld’s team to eradicate the evildoers.

What makes Bob’s series interesting is how the two characters keep up the balance and momentum of action from time to time. It is quite interesting how Travis Weld found Chesney Barrett. How did he know she was an asset to his team? Why not the trained agents? Inexperienced as she is, she listened. They succeeded their first mission which is to locate the illegal drug operations in Louisiana and of course, capture the mastermind behind it. And it would not have been possible if Travis did not see her as diamond, when she only thought of herself as a stone. How wonderful it is to have someone who believes in your capabilities. He believed.

Travis and his team realized that one of the two smuggled nuclear bombs from Russia is missing. Eager now to continue what she has gotten herself into, Chesney poses as a judge to a Science fair and hopes to get clues to their second missions which is to track down the buyer of the smuggled nuclear bomb. This my friends, is Bob’s sequel to Satan StrongholdJericho’s Trumpet. They say timing is everything, will they find it before it is too late? Who could have it and why?

Who was once confined to what she knew she was only capable of, Chesney becomes a fine-tuned woman of greater abilities. That’s something she only discovered when she and Travis met, and jived. She pushed herself off the edge became the lady she is now, an iron maiden. She became.

Ready to advance to another chapter of her life, her investigative skills led her to check on a group of activists (Global Alliance of Environmentalists) protesting against an expansion of a huge petroleum company in Texas. Through this, she was introduced to big names — director of GALE, Stuart Kramer and Brian Forsyth. Will this meeting bring answers to what she is looking for? Will she be using sex once again as a weapon to distract these people?

Chesney belonged. Travis believed. She became fierce, they became partners (not in crime). Do you think this partnership will last considering their love and hate relationship? Brace yourself for the book three, the Armageddon Virus.

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