How willing are you to accept change? Are you the type of person who embraces it without any hesitation or are you the kind who is willing to accept it, however with reservation?

In Bob Gallant’s debut thriller, the first in his series; it all began when Travis Weld knocked on Chesney Barrett’s door just when she was about to leave for a field study. Travis is known as the strong-willed leader of a drug enforcement agency tasked to complete a mission by investigating an alleged drug manufacturing industry hidden in the swamps of Atchafalaya in Louisiana. Chesney, on the other hand, is an Ecology graduate student who immersed herself into her studies after the tragic accident which took her mother’s life and made her an orphan in an instant. Was it mere fate which brought Travis into her door, seeking her help in completing the said mission?

Backed with her knowledge about basins and/or swamps, it is no doubt that she could be of great help with their investigation. But the greatest question would be, did she join his team? What made her decide to grab the opportunity regardless of being inexperienced in that certain field where Travis is taking her?

A quick overview of what happened to Chesney’s mother, she died instantly in a vehicle collision with a speeding drug dealer as the other party involved. Of course, if I were in her shoe, I would have found it difficult to cope with. But with Chesney’s strong personality and great coping mechanism, she was able to get through that ordeal. And if you were given the chance to take your stand against these evildoers, most especially ones involving drugs and that you had history with- are you willing to take it? By all means, from mind games to physical advances, Chesney agreed to Travis’ proposal. Reluctant at first, but later on said YES. Clothed with likable personality mixed with deceptiveness, it was not so hard for Chesney to get Jacques Dupree’s trust. That trust she gained earned her a free pass through the huge plantation owned by that person, which was the key to everything.

It was fate that brought them together. Will fate also take them apart? Bob’s Satan’s Stronghold teaches you the value of trust. What if that trust could put you into danger? Where will your loyalty stand? Will you be going back to that particular person who recruited you in the first place? Or will you turn your eye to the person you are now romantically involved with even though that person is involved with illegal operations?

In Bob’s Satan’s Stronghold, there are a lot of moments which are unquestionably sexy and tingling. As this entails the beginning of everything, find out Chesney’s transformation from that studious graduate student to being an incredible warrior herself. As you begin to read this book, you cannot just stop turning the pages to know who is being more manipulative and for what sole purpose. I’ll leave that to you.

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