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Some dreams don’t sail away; perhaps they were built to stay, engaging ever strongly than the tides that chase them at bay.

Robert Gallant used to devote most of his time, energy and intellect on Chemical Engineering, on the belief that it is in Science and Math that he works best. Although he put his love for journalism aside, fate somehow maneuvered him to rekindle this old love as he wrote countless articles published in scientific journals, as well as books in technology and management. His dream, however, to become a fiction novelist never wavered despite being pushed to the backseat.

Following his retirement, Robert or “Bob” as he is called by many, decided to follow the call of his dreams.

After exploring impossible breakthroughs in science and technology, Gallant now swims through the vast waters of fiction writing, this time exploring impossible revolutions in mystery thrillers.

In his latest brainchild, Gallant axes off the untouchable walls of the Vatican City and creates an adventure that opens the little state into the more dangerous side of reality. While the Vatican is often depicted as one of the safest, most secure countries in the world, Gallant’s brilliance touches on the loopholes of its barriers and brings forth a robbery--- a heist like no other.